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The Long Road to Recovery

Posted on: May 15, 2009 12:37 am
Aaron Hill, the starting second baseman of the Toronto Blue Jays has faced a lot. Returning from a concussion that knocked him out last year, Hill has been showing the potential that he was showing in 2007 before this freak injury. This freak injury could have been avoiidable but as fate had it, Hill got a concussion. His teammate, former Jay David Eckstein was lucky and able to play soon after. Luckily, Aaron Hill got passed the post-concussion syndrome and was able to return for the Jays this season. This wasn't the first time Aaron faced danger in the face. Back when he was 15, he lost his mom to a drunk driver. Aaron overcame that, just like he did with this freak injury.

Concussions are always a bad injuries to Athletes. They can occur from hockey to boxing to even baseball. Before Aaron Hill got this concussion, another former Jay recieved a concussion more worse. His name is Corey Koskie. This former baseball player actually got this concussion when he was on the Brewers. After the concussion, he was getting the post-concussion syndromes which eventually led him to retire just this year. He was almost healthy but didn't want to risk it as concussions are dangerous.

Hopefully, Aaron will continue to fight off the concussion and turn into the player he was before the injury. I was pretty scared when he fouled a ball off his shin in the other night because well with him back, the Jays have been producing runs. It seems like he's one of the catalysts on the field for the Jays. Anyways, it's the start of a new series tommorow. The White Sox arrive to take on the Jays and i'm sure Aaron Hill will perform the way he's performing currently.
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