Posted on: May 15, 2009 12:37 am

The Long Road to Recovery

Aaron Hill, the starting second baseman of the Toronto Blue Jays has faced a lot. Returning from a concussion that knocked him out last year, Hill has been showing the potential that he was showing in 2007 before this freak injury. This freak injury could have been avoiidable but as fate had it, Hill got a concussion. His teammate, former Jay David Eckstein was lucky and able to play soon after. Luckily, Aaron Hill got passed the post-concussion syndrome and was able to return for the Jays this season. This wasn't the first time Aaron faced danger in the face. Back when he was 15, he lost his mom to a drunk driver. Aaron overcame that, just like he did with this freak injury.

Concussions are always a bad injuries to Athletes. They can occur from hockey to boxing to even baseball. Before Aaron Hill got this concussion, another former Jay recieved a concussion more worse. His name is Corey Koskie. This former baseball player actually got this concussion when he was on the Brewers. After the concussion, he was getting the post-concussion syndromes which eventually led him to retire just this year. He was almost healthy but didn't want to risk it as concussions are dangerous.

Hopefully, Aaron will continue to fight off the concussion and turn into the player he was before the injury. I was pretty scared when he fouled a ball off his shin in the other night because well with him back, the Jays have been producing runs. It seems like he's one of the catalysts on the field for the Jays. Anyways, it's the start of a new series tommorow. The White Sox arrive to take on the Jays and i'm sure Aaron Hill will perform the way he's performing currently.
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Posted on: May 13, 2009 10:50 pm

The True Test Currently Underway!

The challenge begins for the Toronto Blue Jays.The Blue Jays finally faced one of their divisional rivals as in the New York Yankees this week and in these 2 games(1 more game tommorow),the series has been pretty exciting. In the first game, it was a battle of former teammates. AJ Burnett and Roy "Doc" Halladay both pitched well and they made not a lot of mistakes. However AJ made the most mistakes and was sattled with the lost.

In the game that was tonight, the lefty Andy Pettitte went against Canadian Scott Richmond of the Blue Jays. Amazingly Richmond had a good April but has struggled in May.This continued tonight as the Yankees bombed Richmond in 1.2 innings of work, giving up 5 earned runs and increasing his ERA to 4.28. This game showed how the Blue Jays could have struggles in the pitching staff during the season. If they can't keep up with the pace, the Blue Jays might falter in the mid way point of the season.

The Toronto Blue Jays has 1 more game with the Yankees in the month of May and Brian Tallet will get the call against CC Sabathia the big lefty who camed to the Yankees as a free agent this season. Tommorow's game will also decide something important that the Blue Jays need to constantly show. Offense. The Blue Jays didn't get it done in the game tonight but if they can do this against one of the best pitchers in the AL, the Blue Jays will be proud to accept the best offense in baseball tag.

After this series with the Yankees, the White Sox will come into town which could prove a challenge to the Toronto Blue Jays. Next week, the Toronto Blue Jays will start a 9 game road trip starting in Boston, another divisional rival Toronto must have success against if they want to have a chance at a playoff spot. A trip to Atlanta and Baltimore will conclude this trip and the Blue Jays will return home to face the Red Sox once more before this month is over. These next 3 weeks could decide the Blue Jay's Fate this season. Stick Tuned!

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Posted on: May 4, 2009 12:34 am

2009 Blue Jays-Contenders?

Ah,the birds chirping, the snow melting,spring has finally arrived and with it,comes the new baseball season. This Baseball season comes with surprise like usual.There's the usual contender,the team that is expected to be .500 this season and the team that seems to never win. Well, in the AL East, the Toronto Blue Jays has shocked the baseball world by starting with a hot start. With a 18-9 record(as of Sunday May 3rd),there's no wonder why the Toronto Blue Jays are first in the AL East.I'll get to that story next but here's a short recap of the offseason for the Blue Jays.

This offseason for the Blue Jays hasn't been that active like before.As expected, AJ Burnett opted out of his contract with the Blue Jays and signed a big 5 year contract with the New York Yankees.This event decimated the pitching staff some more.Shawn Marcum had late surgery last September and is expected to be gone this season.Dustin McGowan got injured and he is expected back in Late June-Early July.As i said,the Toronto Blue Jays hasn't been that active.But they did sign Kevin Millar(a rightie that can bat against southpaws) and Raul Chavez/Michael Barrett who will be our backup catchers.

April has gone by pretty quickly and the Toronto Blue Jays are off to a fast start leading them to first in the AL East.Before this season,i saw from many other sites(including cbssports) that the Toronto Blue Jays were expected to finish 4th and some put the Toronto Blue Jays as last,behind the Baltimore Orioles.How in the world did the Blue Jays get this big start? Well,the batting has been backing up the pitching for the first time in a while. The young guns of the team(Lind,Snider) has been getting those big hits that always seem to make the win a win.But i think the big catalyst that is helping the team is Lyle Overbay. Lyle came from the Brewers in that trade that sent Dave Bush,Gabe Gross,and Zach Jackson to the Brewers. Lyle did pretty well in his first season in the AL with 22HR's and 92 RBI's.But in the next season after that amazing season by him,injuries dropped his production down a bit.This trend continued last season as Lyle seemed to struggle at times.But this season, he's more healthy than ever and has hit the big hits instead of the double plays we seen in the past.With these Blue Jays performing to their potential and more,the offense will continue to shine.

The Toronto Blue Jays are currently first and seem like they are on their way to October.They just completed a sweep of the O's but the real test will come soon.The Toronto Blue Jays had a pretty easy schedule in April but in May,this will change.The Blue Jays will host the NY Yankees from May 12-14 and the Toronto Blue Jays will go to Boston for a series the week after.They will face the O's and the Red Sox's once more after that series and this is all in May.If the Toronto Blue Jays can compete with their AL East Rivals,they might be contenders. What do you guys think? Are they really contenders this season or will they crack under the pressure.

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